Lotus mat

High Density Rubber with Exclusive Artistic Design | Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat | Soft & Comfortable Workout Mat


  • MATERIAL | Rubber is a 5mm higher density material than other plastic materials, so it cushions well even with low thicknesses. Its 1mm microfiber layer provides a better grip, making it a non slip mat. The layer also makes it unnecessary to use a towel! It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • EXCLUSIVE ARTISTIC DESIGN | This yoga mat comes with an exclusive design by an artist that inspires you while you are doing workout with the mat. Time for yoga, inspiration and connection with yourself.
  • ECO FRIENDLY | Top quality and eco-friendly materials are more durable and toxic-free (unlike PVC and TPE). Packaging uses cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags. Nature is a great source of inspiration for us and we seek to take care of it as best we can.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE | We know yoga performance can depend on the connection with your surroundings, so we thought of a solution for you to take your mat wherever you want. Each foldable yoga mat comes with a black strap that makes it easy to carry!
  • CALMA YOGA MATS | We are enhancers of this CALMA moment, our mats are pure inspiration for you to connect with this moment of well-being. In Yoga, each mat is a world and that’s why we make unique mats.
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