Agus Ruiz

Our mission is to blend art with yoga and wellness. We aim to create a product that not only prioritizes the quality of eco-friendly materials but also features explosive and unique designs crafted by creative and passionate artists.


Our first collaboration comes from our friend Agus Ruiz. Agus, apart from being incredibly talented, is an adventurer and nature enthusiast. She is also a woman entrepreneur, which is why we felt she embodies Calma’s values perfectly, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


Each of her designs was carefully thought out and exclusively created for our venture, respecting the identity of our brand, the love for nature, and the balance we seek between body and mind in our Calma moments.

Just like Agus, in the future, we aim to continue working with artists and entrepreneurs who can join us on this journey, offering them a different canvas than they are used to – a canvas that allows their artwork to be embodied in a product. And in turn, we can provide beautiful and exclusive mats.


Each one of our designs was first design and painted in acrylic on canvas or paper as a peace of art.

Then we transfer those artworks to computer and finished them to create our beautiful yoga mat prints.

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