From Argentina to the world


We are Mery and Magui and more than friends, we are family (literally!). We live in argentina and we met in  2019 and a solid bond has joined us since then. Mery is an industrial designer and Magui is a psychologist / therapist. We combined our professions into a new passion: entrepreneurship.


CALMA started from our need to take a step back and find balance in our routine. We try to be aware of this and seek a moment of “calma,” finding it through various activities, including Yoga. We’re not experts in this field, but we do try to convey the importance of that healthy space of CALM and encourage its pursuit.


CALMA also emerged when we were looking for  a mat for our practice and we discovered there was none as the one we seeked. We realized there were numerous identical products without any standing out and this was our motivation: create something completely different. We combined the strength of art and design (Mery) together with the purpose of wellness (Magui). 


Since then, we worked really hard looking for the best options and took care of all the details. It was definitely a significant challenge for both of us as it entailed stepping out of our comfort zone. However, certainly, the ability to realize this project and be extremely satisfied with the outcome brings us immense joy.


Thank you for joining us on this unique journey! We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of yoga mats and that you find in them a true expression of CALMA,  yoga and nature.

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